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Gun Trust

Important Reasons to Establish a Gun Trust:

  1. To avoid a long and expensive Probate proceeding required to transfer individually owned guns after you pass away.
  2. In the event you are purchasing suppressors, silencers or fully automatic weapons it avoids the need to obtain the signature of the chief law enforcement officer in the county in which you live and to be fingerprinted. Most Gulf Coast chief law enforcement officers will not sign ATF Form 4 (5320.4) which makes it impossible to buy suppressors, silencers, automatic weapons and certain magazines in your individual name.
  3. There is a tremendous backlog of people applying for such weapons with the ATF. Gun trusts are placed as a priority by the ATF over companies or individuals, so you would receive the necessary ATF approvals faster through a gun trust than by other means.
  4. A gun trust will allow you to designate other individuals who can have legal access to your weapons and also allow you to designate the beneficiaries of the trust who will “own” your weapons through the trust when you die.
  5. Amendments and changes to the trust document are simple and easy to make.
  6. You are not required to record your trust documents in the public records as you would with a company, nor are you required to pay state and federal taxes on the trust.

Why should I use Gulf Coast Gun Trust?

Gulf Coast Gun Trust is represented by lawyers licensed to practiced law in your state. Most online sites and their lawyers are not. As a result, many online documents are not valid or enforceable in the state in which you live, whereas Gulf Coast Gun Trust is represented by lawyers licensed in those states, and who make sure your documents are correct so that there is no risk of violating federal gun laws which carry substantial fines and terms of imprisonments.

How do I go about forming a gun trust?

Contact Gulf Coast Gun Trust, in care of its legal counsel James Pittman, Esquire at (251) 626-7704, P.O. Box 2525, Daphne, AL 36526, Mention this advertisement and get a discount on the cost of forming a gun trust.