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Alcohol Licensing/Regulatory/Responsible Vendor Program

The attorneys and experienced paralegal staff at James B. Pittman, Jr. P.C. represent numerous national restaurant chains, hotels, grocery store chains, drug stores and convenient stores in all manner of alcohol licensing, business licensing, health permitting and tax matters. We and our staff handle hundreds of these matters each year in the Gulf States and are affiliated with a qualified network of attorney’s and licensing professionals in all 50 states. James B. Pittman, Jr., P.C. is the sole Alabama and Mississippi representative to the Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants,, the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals., and a sustaining member of the National Association of Alcoholic Beverage licensing attorneys. Alabama’s beverage alcohol laws are complex, and no one is better equipped to help you navigate them than James B.Pittman, Jr., P.C. As a law firm devoted to understanding alcoholic beverage laws, regulations and compliance, we work with a cross spectrum of beverage alcohol industry client.

James B. Pittman founded James B. Pittman, Jr. P.C. with an understanding that alcoholic beverage laws and regulations are complex and unique. With more than 18 years of experience with beverage alcohol law, James B. Pittman Jr. P.C.’s attorneys counsel clients to successfully navigate the laws and regulations of Alabama’s more than 750 potential alcohol licensing jurisdictions.James B. Pittman, Jr. P.C.’s attorneys appear regularly before state and local government hearing bodies throughout Alabama for licensing, disciplinary actions and legislative matters, and have successfully litigated the rights of beverage alcohol licenses before various Alabama courts.

James B. Pittman, Jr. P.C.’s attorneys regularly participate in Alabama’s rule-making process, have appeared before the Alabama General Assembly, House Regulated Industries Committee, and have successfully lobbied to expand the rights of alcohol licensees and charitable organizations. At the local government level, James B. Pittman, Jr. P.C.’s attorneys have penned and successfully lobbied for adoption of local alcohol-related legislation, and have worked to defeat legislation harmful to its clients and to the alcohol industry as a whole.

Real Estate Litigation/Owner’s Association/Landlord-Tenant Collections -- James B. Pittman, Jr., P.C. specializes in providing a full range of real estate litigation services, whether relating to boundary disputes, quiet title actions, resolution of any number of matters which may be a cloud on title. James B. Pittman, Jr., P.C. also assists sellers and buyers with real estate purchase agreement endorsement injunction actions. James B. Pittman, Jr., P.C. represents dozens of property owners associations, homeowner associations, and condominium owners associations in south Alabama and assists those associations with dues collections, lien enforcement, foreclosure actions, as well as the enforcement of restrictive covenants, and assisting in making necessary amendments to articles of formation, bylaws, and restrictive covenants to its association clients. James B. Pittman, Jr., P.C. also provides a full range of landlord prosecution and defense and eviction/unlawful detainer assistance. See our affiliated website at